Carp and Bluegill with the Yoyito

Nate is a native from Yuma Arizona, a beautiful city that has a special place in the American history of the wild west. He works at a call center during the week, but on weekends, you can find him at the Gila Gravity canal targeting carp, channel cat and flatheads.  An avid fisherman and adventurer at heart, regularly experimenting with new and interesting fishing methods.  He built his own Tenkara rod successfully using it to catch carp.  After seeing the video of Captain Jaime Hughes from Breakline Charters, pulling a monster flathead on a cuban yoyo, he decided to give handlining a try.  A few weeks ago, his girlfriend surprised him with a Yoyito Kit and he wasted no time to put it through its paces.  I asked him how the Yoyito compared to his cuban yoyo, and he answered: “I prefer the Yoyito because the finger holes give me greater control.  I can honestly cast this thing farther than I can cast with any of my rods.  This is the perfect product for me.”

Here we have Nate trying out his Yoyito for the first time.  He lands a nice carp and a bluegill, check him out. Great job Nate!

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