Big flathead catfish on a yoyo

Here we have the very awesome Captain Jaime Hughes from Breakline Charters on the Susquehanna River going after big flathead catfish with a Cuban yoyo.  Here is the video description in her own words:


“My first flathead on a Cuban Yo Yo. ALSO, I was too excited in the video to say it, but also my biggest personal flathead by 2 pounds! I’ve have had the yoyo for years, practice cast in the yard a few times, but never took it out with me fishing til today. It was a good day. Rigged it with 200 lb mono on the spool, more length than I needed obviously but I didn’t know, and then a 50lb mono leader, the same ones I use on my rods. And a small blue gill head. I didn’t have much time, only a couple hours before my clients arrived, to play with my toy. There were 2 casts I didn’t show, one got tangled in the rod tower the other smacked my motor,
both times losing my bait, (I should make an outtakes vid lol), but the third cast was a charm. I got a flathead, no doubt. It was so fun actually feeling the lead hit bottom. feeling the hit, setting the hook, like really feeling it first hand (no pun intended). Even with a good rod, I never felt fine motions that I did holding. As you can tell from the vid, I am super pumped about this. I say give it a whirl sometime. Cuban YOYO’s are only 6 bucks on eBay, spool it up and give it a whirl, this is a prime example, you never know what might happen. I had to edit out about a half hour of me just sitting there holding that line perfectly still making boredom faces. It was just the coolest thing when that line started to feed through my hands. Once in a life time. This didn’t just make my day it made my fishing career so far. Check out for more about me and my charter business. Thanks!”

Well, folks, it may be her first flathead on a yoyo but she sure made it look easy.  Please visit her youtube channel, subscribe, give her a thumbs up and if you are in the area book her for you next monster catfish fishing trip.