Lake George – Nile Mile Point Fishing Pier

Lake George marks the eastern boundary of the Ocala National Forest. This body of water is the second largest lake in Florida, feed by the mighty St. John River along with several springs.

The actual pier extends deep into the lake, at the tip of Nine Mile Point, in the Lake George WMA.  There are two large picnic shelters with several picnic tables and BBQ’s.   This recreational area has two primitive campsites, one is available to the public at any time, the other requires a reservation.  Portable bathrooms are available as well.

The lake is home to many species of fish, including largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, sunfish (of various types), brown & yellow bullhead catfish, channel cats, pike, tilapia, and strippers come in during the season.  Although there are plenty of alligators on this lake, it is not uncommon to see the locals wading in the lake.

Commercial crabbing is big on the lake, shrimp also runs at certain times of the year.  As with any other body of freshwater in Florida, you’ll need a fishing license.

There is an actual bombing range on the lake itself.  Once in awhile, you’ll get to see the fighters and bombers flying low while they try to hit the targets in the water.