Catfish Slayer Rig

In by Fernanda Millares

Fishing Yoyito Handline Reels, Morakniv Eldris survival neck knife, folding fillet knife, micro compass, multi-tool, ferrocerium rod, hooks, sinkers, swivels and tactical pouch.

The ultimate survival fishing reel. Designed to handle the most extreme fishing conditions we could imagine. A fantastic ice fishing rig for the hardwater walkers out there. Strap it to your bow and go after gar in the florida swamps. Tie to a branch using the hole on the back of the reel and go build a fire while it lands a catfish for you. keep in the glovebox to fish off the local dock on your lunch break. Store it on your B.O.B. or boat’s survival kit and a means to eat if you find yourself in a survival situation.