Emergency Survival Fishing Kit

People often think of cataclysmic events when they prep, but approximately 3.5 million people experience homelessness in the US every year.  Most homelessness is invisible, they dress like normal people and surprisingly many have jobs.  These are also survival scenarios, that if you are living paycheck-to-paycheck, could happen to you.  But you don’t have to be homeless to benefit from fishing, it could also be another important element in your self-reliance plan.  The scientific community has concluded, the health benefits of eating fish far outweigh the risks.  Fish is the ultimate super-food, although it is the one of the most expensive food items at the grocery store, it can be had for pennies a pound if you learn how to fish like the natives.

In a real-life survival situation, once you have located a source of potable water,  a shelter and built a fire, your next step is securing food.  If you have ever seen TV shows like “Naked And Afraid”, “Dual Survival” or any of the other reality TV shows, or have spoken to anyone who has actually found themselves in a survival situation.  You would quickly figure out, the most difficult part is finding food.  Yes, you can probably live by eating worms and bugs, but it is not the most desirable or safest way to find nutrition.

Survival fishing is a set of basic techniques and equipment that allows you to find nourishment with the least amount of effort.  

Man holding a fishing line showing the fish he catched

There are many different ways to find food, but unless you find yourself in the middle of a barren desert, fishing is the most cost-effective and productive way to obtain calories and nutrients.  Most environments contain bodies of water and in most bodies of water there is fish, that can be safely consumed for nourishment. The Yoyito Emergency Survival Fishing Kit not only helps you survive, it enables you to thrive.  After all, the ancient art of handlining has been feeding people since the stone age and even today it enables millions of people across the globe to subsist partly or entirely on fishing.

The Yoyito Emergency Survival Fishing Kit comes equipped with everything you need to catch fish, but more importantly it is fully self-contained and pocket-size for all day carry.  Keep one in your glove-box, B.O.B., boat or any other little cubby hole you have and you’ll always be prepared to easily put food on the table.  But fishing is not the only thing the Yoyito Kit is good for, you can use it to hoist paracord or rope onto trees, build shelters, set up perimeter alarms, booby traps, snares, braid it for strong cordage and if absolutely necessary where no other medical help can be obtained, use to sew a wound.  With no moving parts, springs, gears or metal that can corrode, this unassuming reel brings reliability to a whole new level, when it counts the most. The Kit is available in four different line and case colors to match every fishing situation, whether freshwater, saltwater or offshore, we have a kit for you.

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