Survival Fishing Workshop – Video

The workshop took place at Tomoka State Park, on Saturday 5th, 2016. It was a great success, the weather was spectacular and everyone had a great deal of fun. My friend Joel Graves, an instructor from Sigma 3 survival school joined us, and we spent the day fishing and learning about primitive methods of building fish traps, creating fire and seasoning fish with locally available plants.

You can see on the video, how everyone learned how to cast, retrieve and rig their handlines.  We caught fish, share stories and made new friends.  We want to thank Kenneth and his beautiful family, for allowing us to film them during the event. We could not have picked a better day or better participants for this event.

A very special thanks goes to Joel Graves, who drove from quite a distance to join us. Please visit the sigma 3 website at for more information about the survival courses he teaches there. We also want to thank Sigma 3 for loaning Joel to us for the day, and hope we can do another workshop soon.

Contact us, if you are interested in hosting an event like this in your area to [email protected]