Lake Eaton Perfect Sunset

I took a walk down the Lake Eaton loop trail yesterday, in the hopes to capture the soundscape for a future podcast episode.   Even Though I’ve fished Lake Eaton many times before, this is the first time I actually walked the loop trail.  Here are some pictures I took with my phone.

As you near the lake, the vegetation opens up to a search of Sabal palms under a canopy of hickory and oaks.

The final stretch consists of a boardwalk, that ends on a small lake pier.  The sun was peaking through the trees, painting portions of the boardwalk in gold.  It was a surreal landscape, the sounds of small birds and a gentle breeze caressing the trees was all you can hear.

The tall Sabal palms, like lovers watch the sun sink beyond the horizon, leaning towards each other, as if they were murmuring secrets.

This is a very shallow lake, and the lily pads cover most of it.  You can see the gators are already on the hunt, and hear the bass break the water surface from time to time.

The sound of the bullfrogs can be heard low on the background, it is almost imperceptible but there is no doubt, spring is on its way.