We need some Human Help!


We are looking for somebody to help us in our small company.

We sell a handline fishing reel that comes with a carry bag and a accessories bag, we call these two bag, a kit.

The job is very simple, you have to pass the cord thru the drawstring bag, and just need to pay attention to detail on one step, the knot.

I timed myself and I can make 30 kits in 1 hour. So if can do the same I'll pay you $15. That is $15 for 30 kits.

Watch the video below to learn how to do it.

How to do it: Watch the video
Meet up Spot: Aroma Espresso Bar
Apply: Fill up the form

The job is simple, still you need to have some skills to do it right. I am not usually in a hurry but I also don't have a big my inventory, meaning that I will count on you.
Please, apply if you think you can meet these criteria.