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Fishing with the Yoyito

Is like the fish wants to get caught

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hand line fishing reel

Hand line fishing reel Unique Features

    • Snug finger holes for a very secure grip
        • A silky smooth front cone with an optimized angle for casting great distances
            • A center hex hole that fits on a base for attaching to bows, fishing piers, and kayaks
                • Two rear holes for unattended slack line fishing
                    • Dimensions that allow the reel to fit in your pocket for all day carry
                        • Available in a kit that includes everything you need to go fishing on any environment
                            •  Made in the USA 
                              black aluminum hand line fishing reel
                              With no moving parts, made of aircraft grade aluminum and anodized for corrosion resistance, there is nothing more reliable than a Yoyito hand line reel.
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                              Great for catching bait

                              Great for catching bait, from greenbacks with a sabiki rig to pinfish, croakers or anything you need to go after your quarry of choice.
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                              Hand line reels for "real" fishing

                              Whether you are fishing for sport or trying to put food on the table; The Yoyito hand line reel provides a "tried and true" method of fishing.
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                              Hand-to-hand combat

                              Feel every turn, dive and run like never before. When you hand line, it's just you and the fish. This is the ultimate fishing experience.
                              The Yoyito is not the only hand line reel on the market, but it sits in a class of its own. It is the most compact and durable reel of its kind. 
                              hand line reel showing the dimensions and weight front and side view

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                              $64.95 with Free Shipping in the USA

                              $49.95 with Free Shipping in the USA

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